Midwest Service Bureau offers free on-site training for client staff to understand the laws, collection techniques, and many other aspects of the collection industry. Additionally, MSB regularly participates in national webinars that can offer webinar access at reduced pricing.

Validation Notices

Validation notices are sent to the debtor in compliance with state and federal laws within 24 hours of the client referral, informing the debtor of their rights regarding the debt. Other communications are sent when attempts to reach the debtor have been unsuccessful.

Phase I (Early Out/Pre-Collect)

Accounts receive a letter giving the debtor a designated time frame to respond, with call and payment arrangements handled within MSB. Payments are reported monthly, and accounts with broken arrangements will be placed in traditional collection activity.

Traditional Collections

Accounts receive letter communications and phone calls regarding the debt, with additional work like skip tracing as needed. Accounts are worked until the statute of limitations is established, depending on the type of debt.

Litigation/Legal Services

Services include locating an attorney, advancing court costs, and following up on litigation actions, after approval by the client. There is no charge for legal services, but the commission rate is increased.

Educational Programs In Collections (EPIC)

One-on-one training to client employees on successful up-front collections techniques, creation of specialized seminars, and sponsorship of regional seminars.

Proof of Claim (Bankruptcy/Probate)

Filing a proof of claim when a debtor files bankruptcy or becomes deceased on a balance placed with MSB, at no charge.

Notary Service

Assistance with notary services at no charge.

Accounts Receivable System (ARS)

A complete billing and collection service, including first contact and establishment of payment plans, with monitoring and follow-up.

Temporary Staffing (CAC)

Remote access to the client's system to provide personnel for pre-collect phone calls on behalf of the client for payments running late. This is an hourly service.

Skip Tracing

Implementation of social engineering methods to assist clients in locating a debtor, accessing public and private databases to cross-reference information.

Customized Reports

Customization of reports requested by clients at no charge.